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I never feel like just another dollar sign at CPAH.
I love the staff at Campbell Park Animal Hospital. Dr. Grubbs has a wonderful, caring manner about him and he always spends as much time as needed to answer all of my questions and to explain things thoroughly. I never feel rushed or just like another dollar sign walking in the door. I feel Dr. Grubbs and his staff genuinely care about their patients and their owners. They are also prompt in returning calls and they are extremely courteous! Customer Service is the thing we love most about CPAH. Lori H. (Maddie & Max)
Up to date resources for better care.
I have taken my pet to many clinics. This is my first time trying out CPAH. So far service has been good. I grew up with all the technological advancements as a young boy. I assume this is why I like "updated" things. The facility is new, clean (actually very clean compared to the other clinics I have been to) and the most important thing is that it is up to date. I believe better treatment and better care can be given with up to date resources, whether it is medical equipment or new evidenced based body of knowledge. This all in hand will provide better critical thinking and decision making for our love ones. Jimmy L. (Moo Moo)
Friendly and helpful staff.
I enjoy the friendly and helpful staff and the attractive facility at CPAH. The thing we love most about CPAH is technician Bridget, for her great attitude. Gary G. (Princess)
18 years of superior quality care and service.
Campbell Park Animal Hospital has been caring for our pets for 18 years. The quality of care and service has been superior in every way throughout the years. Our pets get the attention and time they deserve in each appointment. Dr. Grubbs offers innovative examination & treatment and is attentive to our needs. He and his staff have been extremely compassionate during the most difficult times of pet-ownership as well. What is the one thing my pets & I love the most about CPAH? The friendly staff at Campbell Park. My pets & I are always greeted by name by the staff and well cared for each time we visit the office. Thank you all for your continued dedication & service to our pets and their owners. Sheree K. (Jackson)
It's always a great experience!
I am new to the Dallas area and feel so thankful to have found such a great veterinarian clinic for my dog! I prefer CPAH to other places because the facility is very spacious and clean, the staff is friendly from the moment you walk in till the moment you leave, and the doctors seem very caring and knowledgeable! Most of all, I enjoy the one on one time with my vet because he is always patient and willing to answer all the questions I have about Bonnie's health and well-being. It's always a great experience! Meredith H. (Bonnie)
Sadie fights to get IN the door at CPAH.
Dr. Grubbs cared for our previous sick dog with such care and kindness. He patiently explained all of our options to us at a very difficult time. We trust the doctors and staff at Campbell Hospital. The staff always treats our German Shepherd, Sadie Wheeler, like she is one of their own. Sadie loves to go to Doggy Day Care at Campbell Park Animal Hospital. We tried other Doggy Day Cares in town but she fought going in the door after awhile. Now, she fights to get through the door every time I take her to Campbell Park Animal Hospital! She jumps up on the counter with her big paws so that the staff can pet her. She loves it!!! Wanda W. (Sadie)
The doctors care about your pets...
...and they do all they know how to get results and prescribe the correct prescription to heal the little critters you love! The animal hospital is very clean, with a friendly atmosphere, and you know that your pet will be cared for with much love and will go home feeling like a new animal! Barbara H. (Beau)
My pet and I are treated with care.
We prefer having Mack treated at CPAH because all the vets seem to be very knowledgeable and caring. If they can't fix the problem, they send you to someone who can. And, that's very rare. The one thing that impresses me so much about CPAH is the way Mack and I are treated. Your staff really seems to care about Mack and his well being. They actually recognize me when I come into the office. Karla M. (Mack)
Our dogs consider the staff their friends!
I prefer having my pets cared for by CPAH because their team seems to genuinely care for the animals. The dogs only ride in the car when we go to CPAH. I love that every time I open the car door, both dogs jump in and think we are going to see their friends - the staff! Zabrina H. (Beaudreau & Princess)
Years of care and support.
I prefer having my animals cared for by CPAH because I moved to the area 7 years ago with an elderly 85 pound Dalmatian, and was pregnant and on bed rest with a high risk pregnancy. Our Dalmatian, Arson, we loved so much, seemed to suddenly start declining in health and quality of life. Because I was on bed rest and could not lug an 85 pound dog into the car for treatment, Dr. Grubbs came to my house to care for our dog. That meant so much to me! And when it was time to finally let Arson go I had already had my baby (who is now in 1st grade) but it was just too emotionally straining to actually pick up this big dog and put him in the car to go for his final vet visit. Dr. Grubbs came to our house with staff and put Arson to sleep in our living room and then took his body away for us. We were so emotional and not able to deal with losing our dog of 14 years. Dr. Grubbs and his staff were awesome. I have told many friends about what a wonderful and caring place CPAH is and will continue to refer friends and neighbors any time I get the chance. I love the great new office building! It's beautiful and we love coming there with our new dog, but I would still be using CPAH at the old location if the new one was not built. :) Shelly H. (Pepper)
Less stress!
The clean facilities, professional atmosphere, and knowledge of the staff allows me feel that my pets are in the best possible hands. My pets and I love the fact that there is a calm and friendly atmosphere when walking in - it keeps both of us less stressed. Susan B. (Dallas & Shelby)
Always gentled; never rushed.
The reason I prefer CPAH is I get to talk to the Dr. and NEVER feel rushed or uninformed of treatment or needs that will be preformed. I am never surprised of the amount I will be charged for services, I was informed in advance. My dog Kaw-lee loves CPAH because they are gentle and don’t rush her when she is going to be there for the day! Thank you, Danneen P. & Kaw-lee
Outstanding facility, wonderful staff, and explanations!
I prefer having my pets cared for by CPAH because you have an outstanding facility and wonderful staff. The location and hours are convenient, and I appreciate the email reminders about when shots are due, etc. The email birthday cards for our dogs are very cute, too. :) The thing I love most about CPAH is the way the veterinarian explains things in detail where I can understand. For example, when my dog recently had to have some x-rays, the vet took me to the back and showed me the x-rays and explained them to me...showing me the difference in an x-ray of a healthy dog, and what was going on in my dog. I greatly appreciated him taking the time to do that. Thank you for all that you do for our babies! Jana and Keelee A. (Ashes & Chloe)
We have confidence in the staff.
I prefer CPAH because of the friendly, happy, caring staff. We most love that we have confidence in the staff. Reta C. (Jason
Great location!
I prefer having my pets cared for by CPAH because of their location. The thing I love the most is their staff. Kathy G. (Cricket & Ruca)
Obvious love of animals.
I prefer CPAH because they are caring and professional. They have never tried to talk me into a procedure or anything that I was not comfortable with or did not want. They are not in a hurry to finish up my appointment so they can go to the next one - they always patiently answer ALL my questions. They obviously love animals. One thing I love is the obvious care and affection they have for each dog. Kathryn C. (Blaze & Skye)
Listening and understanding.
This is where our pet was cared for when he was at Second Chance SPCA in Plano. We decided to stay with them. We think the staff and doctors are very knowledgeable. They also listen to you and understand your needs. We love how the staff is very friendly and helpful. Rob & Michelle W. (Norman)
The level of care is very comforting.
I prefer having my pet cared for by CPAH because the staff from day one was friendly and attentive. They follow-up with every visit and when I had my Charli de-clawed the vet and the staff called to keep me informed of every detail. It was reassuring to know they cared so much. The one thing I love the most is that they showed they cared, and loved Charli like she was their own. That is a comfort to both Charli and I. Barbara E. & Charli
Excellent care and TLC!
CPAH provides Rex and Princess with excellent care. The staff are dedicated to high quality care, are very caring towards Rex and Princess and their parents. The knowledge the staff has is deep and explanations are well presented. Princess and Rex also like how they get so much TLC when they must vacation there. Andy & Denise L. (Princess & Rex)
I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else.
I prefer having my pet cared for by CPAH because of the courteous and professional staff. Dr. Grubbs takes sufficient time to understand issues and gives personal attention to dogs and humans. Appointments are always on time and CPAH is close to my home. We love Dr. Grubbs. My dog is 16 years old and he is the very best veterinarian she has ever visited. He is thoughtful, caring and competent. Wouldn't take her anywhere else. Celia H. (Dolly)
Clean, friendly, and close to home.
I prefer having Maggie and Molly cared for by CPAH because the doctors seem to know what they are doing. They don't use my girls for experiments. The building is CLEAN, the staff is friendly, and it is close to home. We changed vets when you first opened because we were not satisfied with the care we were receiving from our vet at that time. We couldn't be happier. What we all love most about CPAH is the service we get from the friendly, knowledgeable staff. Andy & Becky H. ( Maggie & Molly)
Reasonable and caring.
We and our dogs love the staff that truly cares about our pets and their well-being. We appreciate the reasonable pricing and willingness of staff to beat or match online discount pricing. Care of our pets is important to us but reasonable pricing is also key. Thanks for all you do!! Bob & Kay S. (Brodey & Lacy)
Efficient drop-offs.
I love the NEW office which is always so clean and inviting when I walk in with Cooper! My FAVORITE thing is being able to drop off Cooper when I'm in a hurry to get to work. The staff is always prepared with his chart and knows what he needs!!!!! Sally P. (Cooper)
Friendly and caring staff.
We prefer having our pets cared for by CPAH because the staff is very friendly and caring. Our pet goes to daycare 2x a week, and whenever the staff feels something might not be right with our pet - they immediately call us, and then a doctor will see our pet if necessary. We like that the staff cares. The thing we love most is the friendly and caring staff. Luke & Stacy McF. (Mick)
The best attention available.
We prefer having our pets cared for by CPAH because we know, from many years experience, that we will get the best attention available from Dr. Grubbs and his staff. Ira & Roberta D. (Malynn & Annabelle)
The best staff I have ever seen!
CPAH has the best staff I have ever seen! They care and there's nothing more important as the owner of a pet. Listening and responding with professionalism, a good heart and honest treatment and advice are invaluable. Did I mention they smile while you are there? Kudos to them all! Janet K. (Lucy)
It's a great place to be!
We love coming to CPAH because everyone seems to truly care about the animals AND the "parents". It is always a pleasure coming there because the atmosphere and the facility are always so clean and inviting. I can't say enough about the doctors and the staff. It's a great place to be! Sue R. (Abby & Tooter)
I love the friendly atmosphere.
I prefer CPAH because when I had a difficult situation with my husky, Dr. Grubbs figured it out...and didn't just say "Some dogs just smell bad." like my previous vet. I love the friendly atmosphere & the generous time spent with the pet and owner. Vicki D. (Tessa)
I want the best for my pets.
My pets are like my children and I want the best for them. The fact that this animal hospital is accredited means a lot. Also my mother and grandmother have always brought their pets here and I trust the staff because I've seen how great they are over the years. My husband and I just moved here and we have only brought our animals in once, but not only did I have a great experience with the staff, but so did my pets. They were calm and happy to be there! Also, the staff is very knowledgeable and could answer any questions I had. Angela B. (Frank, Shatzi, Monkey, Zeus)
Doctors and staff make you top priority!
I prefer to have my pets cared for by Campbell Park Animal Hospital because of the competent staff. Some of the other animal hospitals seem competent until they are faced with a real challenge, and then it's too late and you've lost a valuable little furry family member due to their inability to diagnose the problem properly. I recommend Dr Grubbs and his staff to everyone I know who has pets. The thing I love most about Campbell Park Animal Hospital is the way the doctors and staff make you feel like you are their top priority when you are there for a visit. They take the time to sit and talk to you and do an extensive examination of the patient. I never get the impression that the doctor is late for his next appointment and is hurrying to get done with my dog and me. Richard W. (Jane, Sue, Tinkerbell)
Excellent diagnostics, and long-term care.
We prefer having our pets cared for at CPAH because of Dr Grubbs. Our pets can't tell us how they feel, but his excellent diagnostic skills seem to figure it out what's wrong every time. On two occasions, once for our dog and once for our cat, he took their very bizarre and random symptoms, and by networking with other vets, he developed a successful treatment plan that added years onto their lives. The entire staff at CPAH is very patient with all of our questions. Funny story, when our son was born, my husband and I grew tired of our pediatrician's surly and gruff manner. He just couldn't seem to diagnose our son correctly (asthma) and kept insisting it was some horrid condition. On many occasions, I expressed these thoughts to my husband: "Why can't we just take him (our son) to Dr. Grubbs? He'd have it figured out in no time!" The one thing we love best about CPAH is that every staff member recognizes that our pets are members of our family and should be treated as such. Thank you so much for caring for all of our pets for the last 12 years! Kristin B. (Sammy)
Extremely compassionate
I prefer having my pet cared for by CPAH because the people there are compassionate and knowledgeable. The people at CPAH can make an appointment at the very last minute for you, if possible. Extremely compassionate, and that matters! Leslie S. (Sir Patches)
Campbell Park has a happy staff...
that always makes you feel welcome. I feel confident that Dr. Grubbs will take the best possible care of my pet. Dakota says she most likes, “How pretty I look after Matt grooms me.” Carol E. & Dakota
Thank you for all you do!
The doctors and staff care about my Pets. They listen and go above and beyond to make sure my animals are comfortable. Whether I go in for routine care, or when my pets have needs beyond that, I know they are given the highest quality care. I have been to many vets in the area and none compare to CPAH. I will continue to send my friends and family to this clinic. I love the way my animals are treated. That's the most important aspect for me. I know if they are treated like I treat them at home, then they are given an even higher level of treatment at CPAH. Thank you for all you do!! Terri H. (Abby)
Warm, personal touch.
I love taking my cat to CPAH because they really seem to care about him. They pet him while they talk to him while I am filling out paper work. The vet asks questions about his health and makes suggestions. The one thing Cat and I love the most is the warm personal touch each employee gives us on our visit. At CPAH they make you feel like you and your pet are the most important thing in the world. Susan W. (Cat)
CPAH has our dogs' best interests at heart.
We prefer CPAH for our pets care because Dr. Grubbs and his staff have been taking care of our dogs since we got our first dog, Corky, over 15 years ago. Since CPAH has been taking care of our dogs, we've never been dissatisfied with the service we've received. They've always been straightforward with us, and we've also felt comfortable leaving our dogs there for boarding. We feel like CPAH has our dogs' best interest at heart at all times. They keep us informed of what is going on when our dogs have surgeries, teeth cleanings, etc. We also like that they call a day or two after giving our dogs care or boarding to check up on them. We know that they really care about our dogs. We have never even considered changing places! Kevin & Cheri C. (Annie & Corky)
Beautiful facility, friendly staff, and thorough care.
We tried CPAH because 1) It is close to our home, and 2) Costs were lower than what we had been paying. We stayed with CPAH because of the beautiful facility, friendly staff, and thorough care our pets received. One thing I appreciate is that the staff takes the time to answer my young children's many questions even if they are unrelated to our pet's veterinary care. Sasha T. (Mackie & Molly)
You remember us when we arrive.
We feel Don and Tina truly care for and love our pets, and know our faces and dogs by name. The thing we love most is that you remember us when we arrive. Linda B. (Franklin & Ranger)
Dr. Grubbs always spends a lot of time with us.
Majico and I chose CPAH because when he is there, it is like he is the BEST and only cat in the world. Dr Grubbs always spends a lot of time with us and answers all our stupid questions!! We love that the place doesn’t smell like other animals. It is clean! And we never wait if we have an appointment! Meow and gracias from my Spanish cat Majico!! Angela McC. (Majico)
At CPAH, it's not just a job.
We prefer taking our pets to CPAH because we wanted our dog to be cared for by professionals who maintain the highest level of certifications and training, have state of the art facilities, and are reasonably close to home. We most love the high quality level of care you provide for our pet. We also appreciate how the doctors, techs and staff seem to really care about our pet's well being. It's not just a job. Joe M. (Duchess)
I fully trust everyone at CPAH...
...we have always received the best care possible! The friendly staff makes it feel like visiting family! Tracie J. (Chesney & Marley)
I love Dr. Grubbs!
My name is JoAnn B., and I am blessed with two Bichons, Sabrina is 12 and Sadie is 2. I had been a long time client of another vet in this area, and when Sabrina had some serious issues in 2009, I did not get the care and the treatment that she needed. I first came to Dr. Grubbs for a second opinion. I was impressed with how he did appointments. No waiting for three hours! I was secondly taken with his professional attitude, and how he took time to explain everything to me. He was not rushing, and he showed me that he truly cared for me and for my pets. I have told all of my friends and neighbors how much I appreciate him! I love Dr. Grubbs! He is why I will never take my pets anywhere else! - JoAnn B. (Sabrina & Sadie)
Wilson loves the friendly staff
I appreciate the staff's knowledge and character. - Kelsey L. (Wilson)
The facilities are always clean...
...and I can tell every doctor and staff member really cares about the pets that come through the door. There is a truly personal touch that is unique to CPAH, and I believe Peanut feels it when she comes in. That's why I always kennel Peanut at CPAH when I go out of town. I know that she will be loved and treated well, and her doctors are on-site. - Keith B. & Peanut
I love coming to CPAH because Matt is an AWESOME groomer!
I've had my dog groomed by many different groomers and I can tell you (and Callie can, too) that Matt has a special way of relating to the animals that come in for his service. He's the BEST!! I trust him with my special pet. The one thing I love best about CPAH (besides Matt) is the cleanliness of your facility and friendliness of your staff. Your staff always greets everyone with a smile and they are extremely efficient about getting you checked-in or checked-out. Even conversations on the phone are handled quickly and efficiently! They are a great group of animal-loving people! - Penny G. (Callie)

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